Take Charge and Create!

Now is the time to make a change! Don’t listen to the shadows of doubt and pessimism. You need to believe that you are here to live joyfully and abundantly. You have the right to happiness just like everyone else. No more wallowing in depression or despair! Your time for celebration is here! Time for you to remember who you are, leave the past behind, decide the kind of abundant life you want to live, and start manifesting your dreams.

4 Steps to Living Your Best Life!

  1. Be True To Yourself Do not let anyone define you! Look within. Listen to the Spirit! Feel yourself! Do not apologize for what you see and feel. Accept everything- the good and the ugly and move on to live the best live you can.
  2. Leave Your Past Behind You have heard the phrase, “Live life with no regrets.” That means deal with your pain and mistakes. Learn from them and move forward so you do not carry them with you and cause you to be hindered from progression and success.
  3. Create The Life You Want Who told you that you cannot have what your heart desires? Who or what is being an obstacle to your realization of your goals and passions? Could it be yourself? Believe in yourself and the power the creator has given you. Start putting into action the outcomes you want for your life.
  4. Live Your Dreams What ever you dream of, live as though you have it already. Every manifestation begins with a thought.

My E-book

You cannot afford to wait any longer! We cannot let ourselves be discouraged by the pandemic and protests that we see crippling our world. There are still many opportunities for us to thrive and grow. So many people need our help and expertise; especially now. We are the hope and light that so many need. However, we cannot be that ray of hope and that spark that will meet needs if we ourselves are not fortified. My E-book, Manifest Your Dreams, will guide you to live your life in such a magnificent way that you will in turn spur others on to manifest their best life.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.

James Allen

About Me

I am Sharon Fuertes, a dedicated and vibrant educator. During my 30-year career, I have reaped the rewards of inspiring and teaching children, adolescents, and adults. My passion is to continue elevating and motivating others, as a personal and career coach/consultant. I am anxious to share my stories and lessons that I have learned along my challenging journey. I can show you how to unleash the brilliant person and powerful leader that is stored within you. You can live your best life!

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