3 Things to Remember Before the New Year

  1. In 2021, steps were created for you to climb. If you do not believe me, pause for a while and count how many times God has blessed you and given you the strength to persevere. Recognize the mighty growth you have made and start using each triumph as the pathway to your freedom.
  2. You never lose. You either win or learn. Yes, the genius, Nelson Mandela was absolutely correct! Keep this in mind and you will avoid self-sabotage. Never believe that you are not “Good Enough” or that you are a “Failure.” If anyone has been telling you that, please stay as far away from them as possible.
  3. You create your life. Are you really still waiting for someone to come and pick up your pieces and put them all together? Do you still not realize the power you possess to strengthen your life and make decisions that will catapult you ahead to greatness? Start the new year with these pointers in your mind and heart and I promise you that you will grow to be more resilient and confident.

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