Thankful & Blessed

Whatever comes my way, I accept. Of course, this does not mean that I am nonchalant about life or that I don’t strive to enhance my life and face my challenges. It means that I am determined to live in peace regardless of what happens. I am very aware that we are all here on “borrowed time” and this world is not our final destination. There is so much more to what we see and touch. When I see people, I try to see them as spirits, not carnal beings. Why? Because I believe most of us are or have been lost souls trying to find happiness through worldly pleasures and materialism instead of through our Source, God. I wish we all could view our lives here on Earth as a journey that eventually leads us back to God, our home. What meaning would life have if this was not the case?

Each day I am learning more and more how to be content and not worry or gripe about the problems that appear to surround me. What would be the point to worry and fear? If there are situations in my life that need to change or improve, I have the God-given power to do so. If I can shed light on an obscure or complicated issue, I will. If I am able to inspire and motivate someone to change their behaviors or habits for their wellbeing, I would be filled with joy and gratitude.

Gratitude and the knowledge that God is always with me are the keys to my happiness. How can I not look around and see all my blessings and fortunes? My circle of family, friends, mentors, and all the experiences and delights that life has given me. My struggles have taught me so many lessons that I can now share with others. Oh, how I love the song, “Count Your Blessings.” Let us count them daily, write them down, and name them one by one.

If you were to focus on the gifts and blessings that are bestowed upon you, you will have less time to complain or saturate yourself with negativity. You would be smiling, laughing, and dreaming more. Thus, you would start treating people the way you want to be treated. All the fault-finding and harsh judgment of others will start to wither away. If you cannot look at your surroundings and appreciate the wonderful things that life has blessed you with, you will never be able to experience the fulfillment and peace that you deserve.

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