You Hold Yourself Back (Take Responsibility)

Too often we look to others to fix our lives and even blame them for our turmoil and failures. Thus, we wonder why we experience unnecessary stress and misery.  If we fail to understand that we are the architects of our lives, we will never sense the joy and freedom that we deserve. Yes, you need to believe that you deserve peace, joy, and fulfillment. Too many of us have been taught to wait on God or some miracle before we can start making decisions that would lead to a healthy life balance. Unfortunately, we believe the lies and deceptions people have told us about not being good enough or that we cannot start to make changes in our lives until God or a Pastor tells us to. No one can fix you or take charge of your life better than you can. God has already equipped you with all you need; you just have to continue being in alignment with him and believe that the power you need to rise above the obstacles in your life is within you.

So no more scapegoating and dismissing the fact that you are the creator of your life path. I usually say “I am the Goddess of My Life.” It is my walk with the Divine that has brought me where I am today. Wonderful people (angels) have helped me along the way, however, it was my choices and beliefs that lead them to me. You become who you believe you are. How did you obtain the job that you have now? How did you become blessed with the partner and children that you have now? Why are you thriving in life or suffering from stress and burnout? You manifested just about all of these things.

If you are depressed and unhappy with your life, what is holding you back from making the changes that will help you feel better and be joyful again? You might disagree and feel upset with what I am about to say. You are the one in your way- no one else. If you think that some external factor or being has the power to limit and control you, you are setting yourself up for self-sabotage. Our success or failure is determined by our mindset. If you are accustomed to accepting your life the way it is and feel that situations in your life cannot get any better, you are living with a fixed mindset. If you accept responsibility for the events and outcomes of your actions and are ridding yourself of your limiting self-beliefs, you are working with a growth mindset. This is the place where we all need to be.

Are you tired of letting the stressors and pitfalls of this life run you? Are you ready to face the realities that your core beliefs and habitual thinking regularly limit your progress in life? Now is the time to take charge of your life and manifest the life you truly want! Surround yourself with go-getters, self-starters, or even free spirits. Learn from others who have been delivered from stagnation, hopelessness, low self-confidence, and negative thinking. My mission is to help you develop a powerful vision statement and goal date so that you can start having a healthier life balance and manifest the life you truly want. I can see you analyzing the major areas of life balance and setting your priorities. I can imagine you indulging yourself in routines and activities that will steer you towards living your passions and enjoying the freedom and clarity that you deserve.

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