How to Discover Your True Self: 7 Steps

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These days life appears to be getting more frustrating and chaotic. Unfortunately, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and tension in the Middle East is growing once again. The lockdowns and quarantine have caused many of us to struggle with elevating levels of depression and anxiety, and many of us have lost the desires and passions we once had. I have been discouraged by the set backs after COVID and currently my outlook on life is not as optimistic as it used to be. This feeling will not last because I know too well how to get myself together and rebound as the person I need to be. Some of you are so out of touch with your true identity and being that you need to dig deep and realize who you are.

The following are 7 steps you should take to discover your true self:

  1. Find alone time This is the first step to realizing deep down who you really are. It is in this space of quiet and solitude we discover out path and purpose.
  2. Purge your inner turmoil A place of solitude is so important because it provides a way for us to be honest and real about what we feel and experience. The relief you feel after you pray and meditate wholeheartedly is very exonerating.
  3. Focus on what you really want in life Do not feel guilty about asking yourself what you really want out of life. Ignore everyone else and listen to the voice within.
  4. Pinpoint your top five core needs You will discover your central needs by concentrating on the parts of life that shows discomfort and unhappiness. When you understand your major needs, you will learn how to direct your life in a way that you will be more stable and aligned. For example, if you realize that you are the happiest when you help others, you will spend more time doing things to assist and encourage people.
  5. Find your passion Discovering your passion will start to bring out the real you. Your passion is your calling and if you ignore it, you will be unable to express your authenticity and experience the peace you deserve.
  6. Become the King/Queen of your life Step into the role of being the ruler of your life. Your life is your creation and what works for others will not necessarily work for you. Dismiss the belief that you need to live according to society’s norms in order to be accepted.
  7. Throw off anything that hinders authentic growth Do not let anyone bring you down or keep you from being enthusiastic about your passion and purpose. Do the people and activities around you empower and enrich your life? Or do they deplete and drain you?

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