Gaining Life Balance

Do you feel like you are moving forward and making adequate progress in your life? It is essential to set goals that will propel you toward accomplishing a greater vision for your life. Setting and achieving healthy goals demonstrates that you are running your life and that your life isn’t running you. Gone are the days of being confused about where my life is going and the changes I need to make to gain a healthy life balance. I see myself evolving and moving forward in ways I had never expected.

Visualizing your outcome is very critical to your success. The controversial movie, “The Secret,” has taught me a lot about how powerful our thoughts are and the effect they have on our success and failure. We truly become what we think. The mind is a powerful thing! I can never forget the book I read years ago by James Allen, As a man thinketh. He stressed that a man is whoever he creates himself to be. This man who published his book in 1908, revealed the keys to setting healthy goals and achieving life balance. I held on to that book for decades and it became one of the greatest influencers for my decision-making and goal-setting.

How would you describe your progress in the following areas of your life?

  • Relationships
  • Career & Education
  • Money & Personal Finances
  • Health, Recreation & Leisure
  • Life’s Routine Responsibilities
  • Contribution & Giving Back to Society
  • Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health

Which one of these areas are you go going to bring back into balance first? I must note that gaining life balance is an ongoing process and your focus should not be what you want to happen, but rather, what you are going to make happen!

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