I Am Who I AM

Throughout my life, I have always kept a small circle of people around me- my family, friends, and a few colleagues. Never was I a loud or belligerent person but just moderate and many times seemingly reclusive. I would not call myself an introvert because I am often very social and outgoing. However, my moods may confuse people at times because as much as I love to go out and mingle in festive crowds, I always need to find alone time to recharge. Whenever I become overwhelmed by the noise or stress of my surroundings, I need to find a space to unwind, reflect, and meditate. It was not until a few years ago that I understood why it is always necessary for me to take time out from being around others or in public places. I had to learn how to bear what I realize now was overstimulation from taking in the feelings of others and energy from my atmosphere.

Have you ever walked into a room filled with people and suddenly felt dark and negative vibes? Or felt a spurt of joy and motivation? Many of us can walk past any environment without being affected for any substantial amount of time, but some of us can’t. If you are like me, whatever emotions you carry with you remain with you for an extended period, most times without realizing it. Then later, you wonder why you might be feeling ill, restless, or depressed. How is it that I could allow people or my surroundings to affect me that way? The more I read about people with this disposition, I understand that it is not anything I do; it is just what happens to me, and I just need to allow myself to sense what I feel until it goes away. I was born this way. I am an HSP(Highly Sensitive Person).

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