True Surrender

person underwater with hands up on air

At some point in our lives, we may encounter situations that overwhelm us so immensely that we are driven to an automatic state of surrender. We are brought to this stage because our life circumstances become so hard to bear, and searching for new methods to improve our situation or even cope with our despair appear totally useless. Surrender brings us to a point of letting go of control. Our minds no longer try to control every unpleasant situation or find coping mechanisms to make us more comfortable and happy.

This may appear to be confusing and even ridiculous. How can we live happily and improve our lives without the tenacity of conquering our obstacles and finding solutions to climb our way out of our turmoil and pitfalls? Aren’t we supposed to fight and endure pain to be victorious? No, not always. There are many moments when remaining calm and faithful is necessary. Stillness, being, and feeling is very important. We must realize that we do not find surrender on our own; It finds us. He sits waiting for us to discover him. He looks at us from afar and sees us approaching, as we wrestle with our life decisions and challenges- wishing that we would just look up and realize that nothing will improve until we reach to his light and open our eyes. No more fighting, no more strategizing- this is where surrender begins.

When we get to the point where we realize that we need a path that does not always involve control or knowledge of our next move, we finally and unexpectedly find the spark that will lead us to peace. Even though we know that we cannot think or see our way through our present battles, we remain calm. True surrender brings us to a place where we are at ease with not knowing all the answers. Why? Because we do not need to. Oddly, this feeling of relaxation makes us okay with not being able to solve our problems. We no longer worry about whether things are going to get better or worse. Being happy and free in the moment is what matters. No, we do not give up on dealing with our predicaments, but instead, we give up on the idea that we must be in control or understand everything. How relieving this feeling must be! The pleasant reality that there is always a powerful force surrounding us, gives us peace. Knowing that the light that leads us through the dark is forever present, consoles us. This awesome way of surrendering is our salvation.

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