Keep Dancing

woman raising her hands

Last week was a bit unbearable. I paused and took a good look at my life, and all that was going on around me. Sometimes, I feel that it is better to keep busy and continue working on various tasks because when I stop to observe my surroundings and all that is transpiring in this world, all kinds of emotions take over me. Instead of seeing the glass half full, I saw it mostly empty. I felt as though my life had stagnated since February, and everything around me seemed so dark and dreary- picturing light only way down the end of the tunnel. I became mentally paralyzed and weary. This tired and somber sensation came over me; hence, my passion for getting up every morning and completing my goals was sinking. Emotions of doubt and despair started to creep into my body. Day after day, I awoke feeling the same pessimism and not wanting to get out of bed.

Oh no! What happened to that fiery diva who jumps out of bed eagerly ready to fulfill her purpose. Where did you go? This person laying in bed all day is not you. “I have to shake this funk off,” I told myself. Darling, remember you are a conqueror, warrior, and an empress. You do not quit! You will rise above all this. Bring the beautiful sounds, melodies, and joyful songs back into your heart. Life is too precious and short. You are still young and vibrant. Start moving your feet and dancing again! There are so many who need you to get up and start grooving your way back to your throne. You have so much to give, so many songs to sing, and so many stories to tell. Get up. Laugh and sing again. Turn the music on and shake it off! Keep dancing!

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