Ten Signs You Are Mentally Abusive

grayscale photo of woman leaning on wall
Sometimes I think mental or emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse. Within is type of abuse, one person exposes another to some kind of behavior that causes psychological trauma. This trauma change the way you think, feel, and behave. Mental abuse can sneak up on you in a way that you do not even realize that it is occurring. The unfortunate and tricky part about this abuse is that the victim and the perpetrator are often not aware of what is happening. A person can suffer this type of pain from their spouses, partners, parents, or even siblings. Do you find yourself doing any of the following?
  1. You never give praises or have anything good to say
  2. You mostly find fault and complain
  3. You rarely ask how they are feeling or doing
  4. You belittle them, especially in front of others
  5. You always look for favors but give none
  6. You physically distance yourself
  7. You only speak to them when you want something
  8. You use mind games and manipulation to get what you want
  9. You do not react or assist when they are suffering or in pain
  10. You treat them kindly only in front of others
It is essential to note is that mentally abusive people may also be suffering from some trauma themselves. This is why couples or group therapy is so important. Getting people to understand why they behave so callously can help them realize the negative causes and effects of their actions. 

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