Decluttering Is A Must

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Decluttering is far more beneficial than we realize. It may sound like a cute or random idea, and you may just be picturing the things in your house or your office. However, decluttering is a major psychological issue. It is essential for us to free our minds and experience long periods of tranquility. How do we do this? When we get rid of situations, things, or persons around us that block our space and interferes with our sanity, we start feeling relieved. It is of paramount importance that we expel the thoughts and beliefs that interrupt our peace.

Last week I was feeling quite a bit burdened and depressed. I couldn’t seem to quiet the noise and find a space of serenity. Little things kept bothering me and throwing me off balance. I felt that By then, I should have learned how to read my body and discern that my life was out of alignment. But life is a bowl mixed with so many dynamics and events, and sometimes we face obstacles for which we may not seem prepared. I used to figure that if I found a quiet place to pray and meditate, peace would take over my soul and body. This tranquility appears for a moment, but if I do not throw off everything that hinders (Hebrews 12:1), how can I expect to feel renewed and refreshed?

Let us stop dragging around unnecessary weight. After I realized what was pulling me down, I eliminated three distractions from my life- one activity, a relationship, and negative self-talk. I began to feel so much lighter and free. Here we see the benefits of decluttering. Once again, I can smile, laugh out loud, and enjoy my favorite pastimes without apprehension. I feel like a new person.

Sometimes we take on too many responsibilities and unnecessary activities. We also hold on to ideas or beliefs that are unhealthy and toxic, and even keep people around us who are not beneficial to our lives- they pull us down or stagnate us. It is impossible to gain clarity about your life experiences and goals without decluttering regularly. It is an on-going process, and if we discontinue reassessing and purging our lives, we will be adversely affected. Do not let anything deplete your energy or deteriorate your health. Get rid of the things or people that obstruct your path to peace and prosperity!

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