Create Your Life

woman with white face paint

Distance yourself from the turmoil in this world and create your best life. Hopefully, by now, you understand your mission and have developed deep convictions about your experience. No one or nothing outside of you should be able to hinder or sway you from accomplishing your goals. You must believe that there is a higher being within you who gives you the power to manifest and create your own life.

Working towards our dreams involves hard work, and often we become paralyzed by our anxieties about meeting our goals. We become crippled by low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. We may even be afraid of how drastic our life might change. These thoughts occur because our minds have not been trained to stay in the present moment. As human beings, we have become conditioned to either focus on the past or future. This is the reason why we are often worried and fearful. As I stated earlier, when you concentrate on the present moment, it is impossible to experience fear or worry. 

So why wait any longer? Take out your planner, computer, or notebook and start creating now! Make a list of your goals, passions, and convictions. Start typing and planning your new life away! Include all your desires and dreams. Tell yourself nothing is too big or ridiculous. If you think it, it can happen. Reflect on the lives of the successful people or organizations that you know- everything that appears to be brilliant and outstanding about them. Ask yourself, how were they able to reach so many milestones? How were they able to rise above their adversities? Be mindful that successful people act on what they believe and do not give up!

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