Live In The Now

The only purpose the past serves is to provide us with lessons for guidance towards prosperity. Having to overcome sorrows and suffering is very challenging, however, we must welcome our missteps and failures.  They are part of the refining and teaching process.  If we do not view the world as a huge classroom and a medium of learning and growing, we will miss the entire point of being alive. We are all teachers. Sharing our experiences is a powerful way of enlightening and elevating ourselves and others.

      What productive things can you do now that do not have to wait until tomorrow?  What activities do you need to do that will lighten your burdens and relieve your anxieties? These are the matters you need to think about so that you can declutter and lessen the confusion and racket around you. Make a list of actions you need to take today. As you complete these tasks bit by bit, you will see your path clearing, and it will become easier to achieve your goals.  Focus on those pastimes that can give you instant joy and pleasure.  It can be reading blogs, listening to your favorite song, or taking a trip to a beach or lake.

De-stressing and taking time out for a pause from your daily routine is vital to maintaining your emotional, mental, and physical health.  What can you do now to add splendor and greatness to your life?  What can bring you peace, joy, and laughter today?  Think about those things that make you happy.  Stop waiting for someone, something or a particular event for you to become content.  Look around, observe your surroundings, and indulge yourself in the delights of the moment.  

      You are indeed at your best when you concentrate on cultivating your skills, and using your creativity to start or complete a particular project in the present moment.  You create your best work when you are not distracted by past events and fears of the future. Think about that for a minute. Being present means that your focus is on what is happening in the here and now. Why do you think most of us enjoy nature and tranquilizing pastimes such as viewing the ocean, listening to the movement of water, and seeing animals interact in their environment?  All these things keep us focused on the beauty of the present moment and helps us forget the noise of the past and future.  Actually, we are better able to see and feel the wonders of God and the Universe.  When you are fully present, it is impossible to be distracted or deterred by anyone. 

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