Choose Your Own Path

No, don't just follow your own heart. Don't just walk your own path

Unfortunately, there are so many people who want to tell you how to live and run your life.  Their intentions are pure and genuine. However, if someone truly cares about your growth and maturity, they would convince and compel you to take actions that would lead towards self-discovery and self-actualization. 
      From a very young age, my children knew that the outcome of their lives was in their hands.  They realized that I was not going to demand that they choose a particular path or conduct their life in a specific manner  to please me or others.  “Your life is between you and God,” I would often say.  Hence, I would always reiterate that they will be the ones to live with the choices that they make.  They grew up knowing that they possessed the freedom to choose their path, and they are responsible for their successes and failures.  Do you feel free to choose and live the life that you desire?  Are people, societal norms, or traditions causing you to be hesitant?
      Throw whatever negative thoughts or feelings others have about you into the sea of oblivion!  If you are preoccupied continuously with people-pleasing and seeking approval from others, you will never acquire peace and happiness.  You will not experience the joy and liberty of being your true and authentic self. 
     Live your life! Do not try to be like others or travel a route that was not cleared for you.  Be true to yourself and do you!  So what if your choices do not please your friends or family.  If they shun you or condemn you for following your convictions, do not waver or stumble! Continue pressing on towards your goals and living your best life!

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