Be Authentic!


Appreciate who you are- the beautiful and unimpressive things.  You have been through many dark nights and hellacious moments, but you have matured and will continue to evolve from your experiences.  Soon you will be able to accept who you are and not be apologetic.  You will not be hindered or moved when people criticize or belittle your accomplishments.  Pat yourself on the back and continue confidently pressing on towards your dreams and goals.


Complete Yourself

You need these 7 steps to keep an equilibrium in your life ...

      How can you genuinely show up to support others if you are not even present for yourself? You can never lead someone to a place that you have never been. You cannot teach someone something that you have never learned. What do you need to do to feel accomplished? Maybe you want to complete your education, learn a new language, lose weight, or even get married. Too often, a person might tell another, “you complete me.” As romantic and special that this sounds, it can be a dangerous thing to say because it can harm a person emotionally and stunt their self-growth. 

If someone has to complete you, then you are incomplete and not a whole person.  This means that in order to live and thrive you will have to depend on someone or some force outside of you.  Thus, in order for you to excel, you will have to depend on that external entity.  It seems so unsettling to think that someone can believe that they need another person to complete them.  Once we understand who we are and the power that we possess through the Creator, we will focus more on building up ourselves and inspiring others; instead of looking towards others for pleasure and fulfillment.


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